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It will not happen to me

Anyone can be a victim of rape. This crime knows no boundaries. People hold strongly to this myth because it offers them a false sense of security. The truth is, people of all ages, races, socioeconomic groups and religious affiliations have been victims of rape.

Only women can be raped

Men can also be victims of rape. Faced with a gun or knife, most people will think only of surviving and not of the actual sexual assault. Men have been victimized by individual male assailants, gang raped by a group of male assailants, or in some instances, by a woman.

Rape is a sexual crime, where the attacker is seeking sexual gratification

Rape is a crime of violence in which sex is used as the weapon. The rapist attacks the victim seeking power and control. Satisfaction is gained from dominating and humiliating the victim. Rape is never a crime of passion.

Rapists are usually outcasts from our society

Most rapists appear to be “normal” in our society. Most rapists are young and are either married or having ongoing, “normal” sexual relationships. Rapists come from all races, religions, and socioeconomic groups.

A person who has been drinking alcohol, using drugs, or dancing seductively is asking to be raped

No one ever asks to be raped. For sex to be legal, both parties must be of age and consenting. Both parties must be able to mentally, emotionally, physically, and verbally choose to engage in the sexual activity. Vulnerable behaviors do not excuse the criminal behaviors of another person. The sexual appearance and/or seductive behaviors of a person DO NOT equal consent.